Dear Yuletide Letter (2016!)
(sv) sweeping a girl off her feet
Hey, Yuletide Writer!
I am a super easy recipient and I will love anything you write, particularly since I'm asking for so many super tiny fandoms this year! I don't have super hard DNWs and can be convinced to like pretty much anything.

My letters are usually super rambly - if you think you'd like that more, just check out the ones from previous years, they're all in this comm - so I thought I'd shake things up a bit this year. Also my optional details were already super long, so there's not much more in here. Hope it's still somewhat useful!

  • dialogue (funny or heart-wrenching and anything in between) / banter
  • makeouts
  • getting together fic / UST that gets resolved
  • threesomes and moresomes
  • glimpses of a couple (or people) throughout the years / five times
  • people being really into each other (one-sided or not)
    • sometimes despite their better judgment, like when people are into their mortal enemy, teachers into their students, folgers-drinking dudes into their sisters, etc., and they're super conflicted about it
    • but just a normal person being really into another normal person is also A++

  • people working well together / knowing each other well
  • people being nerds (particularly a nerd getting with a non-nerd and the non-nerd teasing them about it)
  • social media fic (lots of short tweets and blogs and texts and newspapers and stuff)
  • time travel / alternate universes
  • domestic stuff / curtainfic
  • found families
  • AUs: canon divergence, soulmates, superpowers, groundhog day
  • tropes:
    • pretending to date / be married
    • marriage of convenience
    • accidental moving in together / marriage / baby acquisition
    • stuck in a cabin/hotel room with only one bed, oh no!
    • enemies-to-lovers / hate-sex
    • secret relationships
  • porn!
    • dirty talk
    • guys going down on girls
    • in unexpected/public places (but don't make me think they might get caught)
      • walls!
      • desks!
      • etc.!
      • beds are also perfectly fine!
  • I could add to this list forever, I like so many things, guys
  • character-bashing (especially if I'm asking for adultery - don't bash the cheated-on partner)
  • kids in danger (unless it's resolved very happily, very quickly)
  • violence (canon-typical violence is fine)
  • BDSM, d/s dynamics, bodily fluids, calling a sex partner "daddy"
  • AUs: high school / vampires / shapeshifters / wingfic
  • cancer
  • embarrassing stuff
I am less active online that I used to be, but you can find me on tumblr (Hamilton RPF tag!), twitter and goodreads (Connect the Stars review! Last Survivors reviews for books 1 2 3 4!). And obviously, I have an AO3 account, with some bookmarks if you want an idea of stuff I like!

Connect the Stars - Marisa de los Santos & David Teague | Audrey Alcott, Aaron Archer
This book was TREMENDOUS. I have been wondering if I should request it, though, because despite how much I loved it, my prompts just boil down to: MORE PLEASE! I love this brand of urban fantasy - powers that don't change much about the world, except in these super intimate & personal ways. (I loved Aaron's dialogue the most. All of those FACTS.) I'd love some further exploration of how Aaron and Audrey's ~abilities (and the rest of the team's! and the rest of the world's! world-building!!). Maybe they go on another adventure? Maybe we see things from the point of view of another character in canon and learn about their weird, small power? Who has powers and why? Does it happen often? etc.! Feel free not to focus on Aaron & Audrey if you go a more world-buildy route, though I would like them to be included at least a little. (More Aaron dialogue!!)

I'd also really like ship fic for these two - I was kind of surprised that there wasn't more in canon! (Her ponytail is nice.) Maybe they meet for another summer camp the next year, and feelings happen? How does Audrey's lie-detector mesh with a teenage boy's valiant attempts to be seductive? Does he memorize a lot of flirting techniques? Or does it just happen really normally despite the extraordinary parts of their personnalities? What happens when they have sex for the first time?

Hamilton - Miranda (Broadway Cast) RPF | Christopher Jackson, Mandy Gonzalez, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Karen Olivo
KAREN AND MANDY ARE ANGELICA, GUYS, I still can hardly believe it. I have so little chill about Chris and Mandy being on stage together every night again. I honestly have no prompts here (again), I just want a thousand words of these four people loving each other through two shows. Five times Chris and Lin snuck into the Hamilton rehearsals just to see their leading ladies? Yes please. Dialogue-only (or twitter-only!) fic with these four shooting the shit? Awesome. Christopher and Mandy being in love on stage so much that it bleeds into their lives, and the feelings being rekindled when she comes home to the Richard Rodgers? Amazing. Karen being Lin's patronus and their super strong friendship full of longing and we-definitely-would-have-gotten-together-if-I-wasn't-married? Yessssss.

I would adore gen and would also be down for Chris/Mandy, and possibly Lin/Karen, though if you do go the Lin/Karen way, know that I love Vanessa and I don't want Lin to cheat on her, so, either she's cool with it, or nothing happens but there's LONGING, I don't know. (I'm generally fine with handwaving away real life partners, but, like I said! Vanessa is the best!) I would prefer not to get an AU setting - love me some backstage Broadway stories. Feel free not to write about all four characters if you go super shippy, but I'd love to get some glimpses of everyone. Other Hamilton/Heights performers more than welcome.

Last Survivors Series - Susan Beth Pfeffer | Miranda Evans, Alex Morales
Reading these books was a terrifying experience. What got me the most was that the lack of sun made it impossible to grow anything - and thus it all just seemed doomed, you know? So I'd love to have fic where they manage to grow something. Maybe post-book 4, in their new community, with the greenhouse skills Miranda and Jon picked up. Or at Miranda's home, if you go canon-divergent and they don't end up leaving after all.

I'd also like more about Alex and Miranda's lives together. Either fleshing out their getting-together more (I thought the books made it super sudden), or detailing their lives with the baby, or anything else about how they manage with these crazy circumstances. That said I liked all the characters - except Book 4!Jon - and would be into fic for anyone, or "world-building", or anything that tells me happiness is possible for these poor people, basically.

I didn't like Book 4 at all - I thought that after a well-made, creepy, intimate dystopia in the first three books, it veered into Stanford-Prison-Experiment cliché. So if you want to diverge from canon between books three and four, I'd be all for it. (Like, reversing a particular death in book 4? That'd be pretty great.) I did like Ruby a lot, though, and the very end of the book, so post-series would also be lovely.

Political RPF - US 19th c. | Grover Cleveland, Frances Cleveland
OH BOY. So I listened to the Grover Cleveland episode of Presidential, and it said, all casual-like, that he had known her since she was a baby, had purchased her crib, and when questioned about finding a wife later, said he was waiting for her to grow up?? When her father died he was basically his surrogate father?? And then they got MARRIED? I mean, I hesitated about requesting this, because I felt that it was just too dirty. But it is real life, guys.

Basically, if you want to go full-on dirty, I am here for that. I want stories where she's freshly sixteen and trying her damnedest to seduce him but he manages not to succumb because it's Morally Wrong but he is incredibly tempted. (Please don't have him lust after her before she's 15-16, though - but a story where he thinks she's a rad kid, and they're friends, and then suddenly gets hit in the face with 'dude, this lady isn't a kid anymore'? Yes.) Frankly, I am here for the taboo of him being so much older, and being pretty much her father, so if you want to lean into that, please do. (Don't have her call him 'daddy', though, please.)

I think they also have the potential to be very sweet, though. The secret engagement - the angst of having to hide while she was in school and he was in public office - the letters they wrote each other (most of them still kept secret by their granddaughter! is it because they were super dirty do you think, would I be into an epistolary 19th century version of sexting, yes I would). And I'd love to hear more about the first White House wedding, and how she became a celebrity overnight, and how was life in the White House, and how cool she was when she told the staff to keep the house in order because they'd be back in four years.

Presidential (Podcast) | No characters
So a Yuletide brainstorming post asked for podcasts that would work for the exchange, and it kind of startled me, because I only listen to non-fiction podcasts and dumbly forget that there are fiction ones out there. But my brain was already wondering how it could work for Presidential, that I was bingeing on at the time, and it hit me - the blind date question!

So, how would it be to go on a blind date with these presidents? Interpret this however you like. Who would they go on a blind date with? Their future wives? Each other? The listeners? Lillian Cunningham? (If you do go the Lillian Cunningham route - keep it G-rated! I'm looking more for humour, in case that's not obvious from the silliness of this request, haha.) Are they being pulled out of whatever post-death state they were in for these dates, and bewildered by it?

I nominated no characters because I am interested in everyone. Want to write a thousand words about Millard Fillmore? Go for it. Want to go more for the Mount Rushmore guys? Sure! Want to write about some un-named president in the future? Also fine! Want to drop the 43 of them in a room and have them romance and/or fight each other? Amazeballs.

If you're not inspired by that blind date idea, I'd also be into the presidents listening to the podcast and pondering about their legacies. Or something about Grover Cleveland having the sexiest voice, because Roman Mars, man. But frankly, if you have any idea at all that's based on this canon, I'm sure it'll be terrific- I am open to anything and trust you fully!

Tinker Bell (Movies) | James Hook, Zarina
For a good long while this year and the last, one of the Disney Fairies movies were always on in the background. I listened a little more closely on one of the numerous repeat viewings of Pirate Fairy, though, and a question struck me as I watched Zarina and James pirating over Neverland: Why can he understand her? Of course, because I am a sucker for romance, I immediately went to a shippy place. Is it true love and if so, how do they deal with that after becoming enemies? Did Zarina figure out a dust to make him understand her and decide to only use it on him? How angsty did their affair get when he decided to betray her? Did they keep going back to each other throughout the years, even as their respective camps became more and more enemies?

My perfect fic would be scenes of them throughout the years, getting angstier and angstier as time goes on (and then super nostalgic at the end, when they figure out that they have been enemies for so long when they could have worked so well together, siiigh). I would love all of these: How did Zarina convince him to let her became part of the crew, and even captain? How does he decide to betray her despite their steamy relationship? Is he conflicted about it at all? How is it the first time they see each other after their combat at the end of the movie? I'd love to hear about how she gets back at him - she was pretty naive during the movie, which, of course, but I'd love to see her wise up and beat Hook at his own game.

If you want to go to a steamy place, I am very fine with that. You can deal with the size thing however you want - magically make one the other's size, have Zarina disappear in his clothes while he's working with the crew, just handwave the whole thing completely, whatever. (I don't necessarily have a size kink, but I will follow you wherever you want to go.)

I hope you have an AWESOME yuletide!

Trick or Treat Letter!
(sv) sweeping a girl off her feet
Hi trick or treater!
I'm very easy to please and will love whatever you write. I tend more towards the "treats" than the "tricks" because I am pretty chicken, so my prompts are mostly around that, but I'm open to other things, too. Write something you're happy with!

I love makeouts! I like dialogue, either witty banter or heart-wrenching stuff. I love when dudes are really into ladies. I love both fluff and angst. I like porn, though I definitely don't need it if you'd rather not write it. (I particularly like dirty talk and guys going down on girls.) I love things that show me friends/a couple/an OT3 really know each other/work well together. I like tropey stuff in general: pretending to be dating, oh no there's only one bed in this hotel room, accidental marriage/baby acquisition, enemies to lovers/hate-sex, secret relationships, and a lot more. I like AUs, too, particularly soulmate AUs.

For this exchange, with the bite-sized word length, I'd love to get "slice of life" stuff, like a glimpse of something that helps me imagine an entire epic around it. (I am also open to epics, heh.)

Not into character-bashing, which includes bashing canon romantic interests if they exist. Don't care much for violence (canon-level of violence is fine). No BDSM, d/s dynamics, or bodily fluids if you write sexy stuff, please.

Feel free to stalk my tumblr, though I don't know how helpful it'd be since I don't talk much about these fandoms on it. (Tags just in case: Frozen and The Martian. Nothing Disney Fairies related, but trust me, I love that request. Thoughts on Cainsville are in my four reviews (fourth!), since sadly no one has been making Cainsville gifsets.) Fic bookmarks are also something I like to stalk. I also have other letters on this comm that could help you out!

Disney Fairies, James Hook, Zarina
I really want to hear about Zarina's adventures with the pirates in the missing year. How does she convince them to take them on as their captain? How is it that Hook understands her? Do they fall in looooove? Is Hook at all conflicted as he executes his betrayal plan? Or if you want to go post-movie, how does their first meeting after that final fight go? Are they still drawn towards each other? What do the rest of the fairies think of their relationship?

I ship Hook and Zarina, but I'd also like to read about them individually. Please don't ship them with other characters though.

Frozen, Hans
I want fic where Hans is nice after all! Where basically everything is the same throughout the movie except Hans' evil speech and subsequent evilness. He'd be such a nice nice guy! Tell me how Hans takes care of Arendelle in A&E's absence. Tell me how different would Anna's journey be if Hans came along to find the Snow Queen with her. How Hans leaves alone to find Elsa and stumbles in this kind of Beauty and the Beast situation where he needs to work at calming Elsa's fears, becoming her friend, possibly falling in loooooove.

I ship Hans with Anna and Elsa. I also ship Anna and Kristoff, so don't bash poor Kristoff if you go the Hans/Anna route. (Feel free to handwave him off of existence if you want.) I could be into Elsa being single, or into any guy or girl if you want, but no incest, please.

The Martian, Mark Watney
I love fic where someone else is stuck on Mars with Mark. I've read a bunch of them and want to read a thousand more. Tell me how they pass the time when there's no crisis afoot. (300 words of banter would be amazing. Or bored Mars sex because there's nothing to do, and oops, were those feelings we fell into?) Tell me how a problem that Mark faces alone becomes easier to solve with Chris or Beth's expertise.

I ship Mark with Beth and Chris most of all (OT3-style, or in pairs), but I am pretty flexible!

Cainsville - Kelley Armstrong, Olivia Taylor-Jones, Gabriel Walsh, Ricky Gallagher
I am just so into the three of them and how they work together. How both boys are in love with Olivia but manage to make it work without jealousy. I think they would be perfect for a triad, either V-shaped or everyone together all the time. Tell me about a small moment of calm they manage to find in their trials - the three of them hanging out by the fire, taking a road trip, idk, cooking dinner and picking curtains. (I am very into domesticity with these three non-domestic people.) Tell me about the first time Gabriel realizes he could share Olivia. Tell me about the first time Gabriel and Ricky kiss. Tell me about what happens with the Matilda stuff when Olivia decides she wants both of them. Tell me about the three of them stuck in a cave and needing to keep warm. Or just write me a lot of porn.

I (obviously) ship the three of them a lot. I'm also into all the two-somes you can think of, as long as the third one isn't left alone in the cold.

Happy treating! :D

Shipswap letter!
(sv) sweeping a girl off her feet
Hi ShipSwapper!

I'm copy-pasting a lot of this letter from past letters - I used to only do yuletide and then I'd rewrite anything, but hopefully my likes and dislikes haven't changed that much since I wrote my Chocolate Box letter a month ago. ;) I'm very happy you're writing for me, and I ship all of these ships to demented levels, so I'm super excited at the thought that there will be fic for them, like, any kind of fic at all, so go wild! I'm a super easy recipient and I will love whatever you write.

I love makeouts! I like dialogue, either witty banter or heart-wrenching stuff. I love when dudes are really into ladies. I love both fluff and angst. I like porn, though I definitely don't need it if you'd rather not write it. (I particularly like dirty talk and guys going down on girls.) I love things that show me a couple really know each other/work well together. I like tropey stuff in general: pretending to be dating, oh no there's only one bed in this hotel room, accidental marriage/baby acquisition, enemies to lovers/hate-sex, secret relationships, and a lot more. I like AUs, too, particularly soulmate AUs - though if a fandom is minuscule I'd prefer fic that stays in the canon universe. (Canon divergence is always fine.)

Not into character-bashing, which includes bashing canon romantic interests if they exist. Don't care much for violence (canon-level of violence is fine). No BDSM, d/s dynamics, or bodily fluids if you write sexy stuff, please.

Feel free to stalk my tumblr (and its tags: X-Men and Drop Dead Diva. Thoughts on Cainsville are in my three reviews, since sadly no one has been making Cainsville gifsets. I also have other letters on this comm that could help you out!

Charles/Raven/Eric (X-Men)
Man, I finally fall for a big-ass fandom, and there's... no fic for what I'm into? WHY SO MEAN, UNIVERSE? Sure, Charles and Erik are nice and angsty and I can dig that! Both men with Raven separatedly is also good! BUT ALL THREE OF THEM TOGETHER??? IS THE FUCKING BOMB. I loved the relationship between Raven and Charles, their found family and how she so clearly wanted more, and how betrayed he felt when she left with Erik, in part because of differing ideals but also a lot because RAVEN WAS HIS, and Erik was his, and it's all a fucking mess. I'd be into some super angsty fic that adds layers of love & sex & feeeeelings on to canon, like missing scenes, or missing feelings, and stuff.

I know this fandom is huge but like I said, I haven't really been reading fic for it or keeping up with fandom in general, so go crazy! It'll be fresh and new and amazing for me!

I wish I could come up with a dozen prompts to help you out, but I am bad at fandoms like these, which is why I am requesting it and not writing it, heh. So I'll just say that I loved both movies, but especially Days of Future Past, because time-travel and alternate universes are my fucking jam. So if you want to play more with that, go crazy, though like I said, I'd mostly be into a shippy rewrite of both movies - and everything before, and between, and after. Does it sound like I'm asking for an epic? I mean, all of this can definitely fit into a thousand words, right? Basically I don't know how to request this, but I so very, very want it.

Oh, I'll be a little picky and ask that you don't focus on the Charles/Erik as much - just because there is so much of it out there, and they're already the main focus of the movies, obviously. And because Raven is my favorite! If you do really want to focus just on the boys, I am into the idea of Raven being kind of a pawn between the men at first, until both of them find that whoa, feelings are actually involved for this lightning bolt of a woman. RAVEN!

Gabriel/Olivia/Ricky (Cainsville)
THIS TRIAD WILL SAVE THE WORLD, YOU GUYS. Just by having sex! That is what's to be understood from the mythology, right? Honestly, I think the plot of these books is very good, but I am 99.9% here for the poly. I'd like to focus a little bit more on either Gabriel/Olivia or Gabriel/Ricky (or both!), since Olivia/Ricky are together in canon. If you're good with plot, feel free to world-build more, but I'd be very happy if you just stuck the three of them in a cabin because snowstorm and let them fix their differences and then have sex, in whatever order you'd like. What kind of magic happens when they do get together? I love how Gabriel can't really do human emotion. I love how Olivia can't be without both of them. I love how Ricky is never jealous of Gabriel but just passes over Olivia's care to him like it's natural. THESE THREE. If the triad is not canon by the end of the books I will cry.

Not sure what's gotten into me, requesting two super plotty things where I can't prompt anything because plot is too hard for me, but. I just care about all of these people together so much??? The idea that versions of them have been wanting to get together for centuries just kills me. I love Gabriel's devotion to Olivia most of all, how he always puts her first and always comes when she calls (even that final time in book three, just shoot me), and how his feelings for her are just too big to fit in his body, and ahhhhh. And I love that Olivia's so into both of them. I think Ricky is a little more shallow than the others - just because we've spent less time with him - but like I said in the request, I'd also like to explore more how he interacts with Gabriel, how he makes him cheer up, how Gabriel is jealous and reluctant but kind of pulled into him despite himself.

I'm usually not much for PWPs, because I like reading about feeeelings so much, but some kind of "magic made them do it" pwp could be pretty great here! I adore the worldbuilding in these books so you could have 95% porn and 5% worldbuilding porn-causing magic and I wouldn't even think of it as a PWP, I would just think of how much I love it.

Jane/Grayson or Jane/Fred (Drop Dead Diva)
Jane/Grayson: I thought the way the show did the "Jane is Debra" reveal was fine, but I can't help wanting a thousand alternatives. I love identity reveals! My dream fic would be something like "five times Grayson discovered Jane's identity," or just one time interpreted more deeply. Maybe she tells him right away? Maybe when Grayson kisses Stacy and she tells him about Jane, it actually takes? Maybe there's some confusion and Jane can't help telling him? Otherwise I like pretty much everything about this ship, honestly. Oh, I'd also be super into seeing the Ian-is-Grayson thing revealed to Owen and Kim, post-show. IDENTITY REVEALS.

Jane/Fred: FRED WAS MY FAVORITE. I love Ben Feldman and his face, and I always love stories of "new humans" trying to adapt to the world. I thought the Fred/Stacy romance was a bit shallow, though, and I'd have loved to see Jane & Fred's friendship develop into something deeper. Roomates who fall in love AND friends to lovers! All those shots of them at night with the city at their feet! I'd love either a story in the canon world where they fall in looooove at any point (and maybe Fred loses his guardian job because he can't fall in love/sleep with his charge, and then they laugh about her other guardian angels), or in Fred's guardian angel world, where Debra needs to stay before "moving on" because she's a Zero, and they fall in looooove as they watch Debra's old friends living their lives. Feel free to go super tropey (Fred and Jane need to PRETEND TO BE MARRIED! or any old reliable romcom trope), and to play up the identity thing (near misses and/or reveals!).

I wrote a lot about my Jane/Fred request in my yuletide letter, and it includes thoughts about Jane/Grayson and the show in general, too! I'm honestly not sure what to add, and anyway there is so little fic for this darling show that I'd be super into whatever you want to write.

THANK YOU and I hope you have a lovely ShipSwap! :)

Dear Chocolate Box Writer
(sv) sweeping a girl off her feet
Hi, chocolatier! I'm not sure how useful this letter will be, since my requests are pretty wordy, but a letter is always nice, right?

I love makeouts! I like dialogue, either witty banter or heart-wrenching stuff. I love when dudes are really into ladies. I love both fluff and angst. I like porn, though I definitely don't need it if you'd rather not write it. (I particularly like dirty talk and guys going down on girls.) I love things that show me a couple really know each other/work well together. I like tropey stuff in general: pretending to be dating, oh no there's only one bed in this hotel room, accidental marriage/baby acquisition, enemies to lovers/hate-sex, secret relationships, and a lot more. I like AUs, too, particularly soulmate AUs.

Not into character-bashing, which includes bashing canon romantic interests if they exist. Don't care much for violence. No BDSM, d/s dynamics, or bodily fluids if you write sexy stuff, please.

Feel free to stalk my tumblr (and its tags: Community / Jeff and Britta, Frozen, Life). I also have other letters on this comm that could help you out!

Frozen (Anna & Hans, Anna/Hans, Elsa/Hans)

I'd really like fic where Hans is not a villain. I thought the reveal was an awesome twist in the movie, but it was very surprising, because Hans always acts like a very good guy? So I'd like that more explored. I ship Anna/Kristoff, too, but feel free to handwave it away if you decide to go in a Anna/Hans direction. As long as you don't bash it, naturally. If you decide to go in a Elsa/Hans direction, please don't break Anna's heart (so, either Hans and Anna are not engaged, or Anna falls for Kristoff, etc. etc.).

  • Hans leaves with Anna to find Elsa. Does it strenghten their relationship? Do they realize maybe they're better off as friends? Kristoff optional. If Kristoff is there, does Anna maybe realize that love at first sight is less of a thing than she thought?

  • Hans leaves to find Elsa alone, Anna remains at Arendelle. Hans and Elsa get into something of a Beauty & the Beast situation; he stays at the castle for a long time, calming Elsa's fears, becoming friends, possibly falling in looooove.

Life (Charlie Crews/Dani Reese)


Wow, remember that amazing finale? It told us that Charlie and Dani were in love, and that was beautiful. It did come about a bit abruptly though, so I'd like to get any kind of getting-together fic for the two of them. (You can go AU at some point during S2 if that works for you, I am super flexible.) I don't care over much for casefic, though of course having police work in the background is perfectly fine. I love this show's dialogue and everything about Charlie Crews, and how these two characters are trying their damnedest to crawl back towards the light.

Prompts (very, very trope-y prompts):
  • Dani moves in with Charlie (maybe to help with her post-kidnapping state of mind? or for any other reason. Bedbugs!) How does she deal with being with his Charlie-ness all the time? What about Ted?

  • Dani and Charlie pretend to be married for a case. Maybe Dani needs to go back underground, but she worries about what that'll do to her past demons, so Charlie goes with her. As married people. Obviously they need to be very promiscuous to sell the bit, because criminals are promiscuous, or something. Or any other reason why they would need to pretend to be married!

  • Dani and Charlie are stuck together at the precinct for xyz reason. Or stuck together in the hotel's last room. Or stuck together in the cold and there's just the one cabin. You get the picture.

  • Dani and Charlie deal with a super mundane problem.

Community (Britta Perry/Jeff Winger)


Please save this show from itself! I didn't watch the last season, because Britta had always been my favorite character and the things they did to her just depressed me. Please make her cool again and not such a trainwreck? Feel free to go full AU (astronaut study group!) or full tropes, and you can ignore everything post-s3, or not, I don't mind either way. I'd rather not have Jeff torn between Britta and Annie, though mentions of past canon moments are fine. These people's banter and love/hate relationship is my favorite part about them. That woman is a hurricane, god.

  • Soulmate AU! Jeff and Britta have always had this voice in their hands that they banter with, and then they try really really hard to ignore what this means when they finally meet!

  • Tell me more about that year they slept together behind the scenes - how did it start? what were the near-misses?

  • Accidental marriage! Pretending to be married! Take a trope and twist it to fit this show's style!

Hope you have a terrific exchange! Thanks for writing for me ♥

Dear Yuletide Writer, 2015 edition
(sv) sweeping a girl off her feet
Hi Yuletide writer! I'm really excited about my requests this year, and I hope you're as excited as I am! I'm a very easy recipient and I'm sure I'll love whatever you write. (A lot of this letter is me talking about stuff I do not like, and then figuring out ways I would still like them, heh.) If you're not the type to look at letters, go and write like the wind! Otherwise...

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Dear Yuletide Writer, 2014 edition
(sv) sweeping a girl off her feet
HI! How exciting to think that you like the same things I like. I'm pretty sure I'm an easy recipient; I've loved every story I've gotten, and I'm already super thankful that you're taking the time to read this. If you don't like Yuletide letters, feel free to skip it, my optional details are even more optional than most since I don't have any triggers or big DNWs.

But you probably like letters if you're here, right?

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Dear Yuletide Writer...
(parenthood) sisterhood
Hi, dear Yuletide writer! I’m really happy that we matched on something amidst my tiny fandoms and I’m super looking forward to whatever you write for me. I’ve always adored my Yuletide fics and I’m sure I’ll love yours too since you clearly have very good taste. Read on for some totally optional and rather rambly details!

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15 Yuletide recs
(fringe) agent lee I presume
I never wrote a big, public yuletide recs post, but every year I check the official comm obsessively to see if my fic was recced, and it makes my day in such a big way when it is that I thought what the hell, let's go for it. A lot of them will probably have already been read by my flist, but oh well, maybe it'll be useful to someone else and/or make some writer's day! Unfortunately there's still a big bunch of fics I haven't read yet - well, you know, it was Christmas! and it takes time to comment on everything! - but here is stuff I liked from what I did read.

My yuletide method is random, almost totally. I read my gift(s) first, obviously, but then I'm always a little lost. This year I first read the comment-less fics and tried to comment on that, and then I opened all the fandoms I knew in tabs and read them, starting with the one-fic-fandoms in order to close tabs, before I realized that that was ridiculous and went ahead and read the current fandoms of my heart (Mindy Project and Mad Men). I also read a couple of recs here and there. So. I don't know why I mentioned all this! I guess maybe someone will eventually do a research on how people approach the yuletide archive so here you are, Future Researcher!

ParenthoodCollapse )

The Mindy ProjectCollapse )

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The GiverCollapse )

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WELL THIS WAS A LOT OF WORK I AM NEVER DOING IT AGAIN EVER! Or not till next year, thank god it's only yuletide once a year. I'm really looking forward to reveals!!! I want to tell the world what I wrote and I want to see who wrote my magnificent gift!
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Dear Yuletide writer...
(sv) sweeping a girl off her feet
Dear Yuletide writer,
You are awesome and I love you. This letter is really long and I'm sorry for that. I want to express that I will love everything you write while also giving hints about what I like if you want them, and those two almost-conflicting desires apparently make me rambly and repetitive! Feel free to completely skip the letter is that fits more with your Yuletide style, of course.

However, in case it doesn't...Collapse )

Dear Yuletide writer...
(sv) sweeping a girl off her feet
Hi there, Yuletide writer! First of all, thank you for offering my tiny fandoms, it makes me super happy to know that other people like the same things I do! I'd say thanks for reading this letter, too, but since everything in it is 100% optional, feel free to skip it if that fits more with your Yuletide style. I'll be psyched by whatever you write, I'm sure!

Rambling about requests, and likes and dislikes, and stuff.Collapse )


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